Some Steven Universe Fanart

Garnet Toast

I destroyed several pieces of bread making this. Worth it.

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7-18-1-22-9-20-25 6-1-12-12-19

BillCipher1500I wanted to try a technique I just learned about the other day called “poured watercolors”, and I came up with the base for this piece. From there, I added more watercolors, black and white pens, and did a few more touch-ups in Photoshop, and here you have Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. I do really like how the poured technique contributed to this piece, though I didn’t enjoy having to remove the masking fluid from the paper… there was a lot of masking to make this happen.

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Joke’s Over

I’ve been selling the etched glassware at conventions for two and a half years now, and at the very first one where I carried this product (thanks to Erik for the idea and starting boost), in order to entertain myself and the passers-by who seemed to like the My Little Pony designs, I took three extra shot glasses and made a little box out of paper and labeled it “Cutie Mark Crusaders Gift Set”. I’d hold it out to the customers and they’d peer into the box and try to make out what symbols were on the glasses, but since the Cutie Mark Crusaders didn’t have cutie marks, the glasses were blank, and it would always take them a minute to get the joke, and then they’d laugh, and I’d laugh and we’d have fun.

Well, I’m now proud to present, for the first time ever, at Running of the Leaves convention tomorrow, the actual Cutie Mark Crusaders Gift Set, thanks to the recent release of the episode “Crusaders of the Lost Mark”.


I’m not even mad. Lookit those things!

These are also actually 10 oz drinking glasses rather than shot glasses (we can’t have fillies taking shots after all), the first time I’ll have them with me at a convention, so we’ll see how people respond to the size.

Oh, and if you’re in the Denver area and you like cartoon horses and you’re not doing anything else this weekend, I hope to see you at Running of the Leaves. I’ll be in the vendor room.

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Eeveelution Glasswork


IMG_20150923_194542572I got quite a few orders for shot glasses at NDK, but this one was definitely my favorite… a set of Eevee and all 8 evolutions (from Pokemon, of course).

I drew the images for all of the stencils myself, which was fun but interesting… “how many of them should I have sitting? I can’t have Espeon stand if Umbreon’s sitting, then they won’t go together!” This was very important. I swear.

Do you want a shot glass made? Custom listing is here.

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DinosaurMermaid will be selling at Myths and Legends Con this weekend! Come check it out! I’m really excited!

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How Could I Forget the Hedgamahog?

So, it came to my attention today that one of my pieces of art that I am most fond of showing off to people has never been posted to my website, facebook or DeviantArt. So… that was silly.


Here he is.

Sonic the Hedgamahog.


And check this out… Now that I’m on top of things, I can include this along with every new post for your (semi-)instant gratification (allowing time for shipping):
Buy a print!
Buy as a sticker!

So, the painting in question was an Oil Paints project for Painting II while I was still at CCD, which means it was a while ago, which is why I’m kind of ashamed I never posted it all this time. Original was about 12″ x 16″ on Canvas panel.

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I added pages!

New pages! I’ve added a page with a link to my Etsy shop, which actually has items on it, a page with a list of all of my current planned conventions that will feature sell my artwork, and I also updated my about page to say a little bit more about me. Have fun poking around!

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Fun With Dimensions

kanzashi geisha 1k


A little bit of fun mixing 2D and 3D together. Whaaaat? That’s actual kimono fabric Kanzashi mounted on a watercolor painting.


Of course, I couldn’t just stop there, either… I made the kanzashi piece completely separate from the painting, so it can be removed and worn as either a hair piece or as a pin–though the girl in the painting looks a little less fun without her hair ornaments, I could easily just give her different ones.

I’m really torn about where in the world this piece should go. I could sell it, and let someone get joy and use out of it. Or I could bring it with me to conventions and use it as a show piece for the kanzashi at my tables.

I think at least I want this one to go into the MileHiCon art show. I consider MileHiCon to be the highest caliber show I enter, and I always want to bring my A-game there, so this one definitely must show.

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A Smattering Of Pokemons

umbreonlarvitar plusle-minunlucario

Created because I felt I needed some new prints for SoDak… because I hadn’t added any new ones since the SoDak last year! Yeesh, Jamie!

I’m really happy with these, all were done in watercolors on 6″x4.5″ originals. Also… I’m finally getting my Etsy up and running, so you can hop on over here to buy prints! Crazy, right?

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SoDak Con!

I’ll be at SoDak Con in Rapid City, South Dakota next weekend (June 19th-21st) peddling my wares. I should probably do a better job of updating on which conventions I’m going to be at for those who are watching my page :D

The fun news here is that my artwork will be on the convention’s program guide again this year! I just stole this picture from the convention director showing them getting printed! It’s super exciting to see my art get used for something outside of my own business.


Here’s the artwork itself, by the way. This year’s convention theme is “your favorite video game” so I was inspired a lot by the Secret of Mana for this cover, one of my long time favorites.
2015 Cover Final Bleed-Flat

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